Here you can access specific material about research on information systems focusing on business issues. The projects and publications of Prof. Dr. Ralf-Christian Härting and his team deal with a wide range of information systems, including Big Data, BPM, EAM, Cloud Computing and IT-Controlling.

We also provide an overview on teaching, special events and conferences. In that context we organized an invited session of the 25th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information in Szczecin, Poland. For more information on data based researche see “Information”. We are pleased to announce the 10th Transfer Day on Digital Transformation – Smart Product World and New Business Models. For more information see “Events”.Events„. Wir freuen uns auch den Erfolg des 9Transfertages an der Hochschule Aalen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie dazu unter Transfertag 2019.

We deliver further teaching within the study programmes “Business for small and medium sized Enterprises” (Bachelor of Arts) and “Mittelstandsmanagement” (Master of Arts).

We encourage any feedback you have about the website, so please contact us with any critiques, questions or suggestions. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns mit Kritik, Fragen oder Anregungen.

For more information about the “Interdisciplinary Approaches in Data Science and Digital Transformation Practice” please visit the new transfer day website and click here.