University of Aalen

Actual Research Projects

  • Sales Motion – Invitation to the research project:: 2021_SalesMotion_Einladung – Dr. Marco Behrmann, X-RUBICON
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  • Invited Session at KES Conference (Interdisciplinary Approaches in Business Intelligence Research and Practice)
  • Role of IT- department in the Enterprise (Research Projekt with University of Rostock)
  • Metrics of guality measurement of Wikipedia articles (Reasech Projekt with University Poznan and company Sistrix)
  • SME- oriented comparison of EAM- Farmeworks in the era of IoT
  • Cost- Benefit Considerations for a SME- oriented Data Analytics Farmeworks: Including Management Perspective and enhancing the process of idea generation
  • Digitization and Smart-Service-World (Potentials of Messenger Bots and Digital Marketing)
  • The Potential Value of Digitization for Business (Delphi study)
  • Industry 4.0 – Potentials for Creating Smart Products
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  • Big Data / Internet of Everything
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  • Webanalytics – Insights of the German SEO-Community regarding the relevance of Search Engine Visibility Indices
  • CRM /Potentials of Dynamic Pricing
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  • Benefits of EAM – Enterprise Architecture Management
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  • Degree of creditworthiness and social media habits
  • Data Mining Framework for Improving Decision-Making (at KES)
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  • Advanced Analytics on Hadoop (at KES)
  • Digitization and Tourism – Study Germany (at BIS) Download
  • Potentials of Digitization – expert survey, quantitative (Mr. Neumaier)
  • Bitcoins – Blockchain in SCM
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  • Digitization and tourism – deepening project and comparative study with South Africa
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  • Digitization in SMEs – Digital Transformation and New Business Models in Selected Industries
  • Marketing 4.0 – Study of new digital marketing approaches

For more information about these Research Projects, please have a look at our researches under Publications.

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